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  • This course will take students through an in-depth reading and interpretation of the Way of Perfection, the classic work by St. Teresa of Avila. The class has begun but students can easily catch up. I have re-opened regstration for anyone who would like to take this class. To subscribe to the audio podcast of the classes click here.

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  • Carmel’s journey from the hermits on Mount Carmel  to the zeal of a middle-aged nun in Avila and her desire to bring  Carmel back to its primitive beauty will be the topic of this course offered by Patrick McMahon, O. Carm.  While Patrick has long presented this course and various workshops on the Medieval Carmel to the friars and the contemplative nuns, he now makes it available to Lay and Secular Carmelites as well—and to any interested students of the Carmelite Tradition.  Students will be introduced to the crucial texts of Carmelite Spirituality from the period before John and Teresa to understand better the vision that inspired them in reform. The course has begun, June 18, 2012.

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  • This class, offered by Father Michael Mulhall, O. Carm., explores the Carmelite Rule authored by Albert of Jerusalem in the late 13th century. It is fashioned as a report back to Albert by Carmelites of today. Students are encouraged to consider how the teachings of the Rule are relevant to their own time and place.

    This course now allows Guest Access. Those not registered as students will be able to read the lessons offered by Fr. Michael, but will not be able to submit assignments or intereact with him. Also note that student assignments can be viewed only by the teacher and not by other students. Any student who wants to share an assignment with the class should post it to the Discussion Forum. 

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